Where your family doctor is truly an extension of your family.

I. Whole Family Wellness

Our idea of family medicine is exactly that – we view ourselves as an extension of your family. We want to treat you from birth, through childhood and throughout your life.

II. Immediate Care

Our “patient first” philosophy means we are committed to short office wait times and attention to making your visit comfortable. We offer immediate care and same day appointments.

III. Whole Body Wellness

We treat the mind and body as a unit. Our relationship with Team Pathways Professional Counseling makes us a unique practice with access to a full suite of mental health providers.

Dr. James T. Cail III, DO

Through his 21 years of experience, Dr. Cail III has had the opportunity to care for people in so many ways, including acute illness, injury treatment, preventive care, and more. He feels extremely blessed to be part of the lives of his patients and to be able to grow with them and their families. He is truly a compassionate and caring doctor who strives to do the best he can.  No matter what the situation may be, his ultimate goal is to heal illnesses and improve the lifestyles of his patients. Dr. Cail’s patients receive every bit of his attention when they interact, and he does his best to treat every patient problem as if it was his own problem. Beyond that, he believes in treating the whole body, and not just limiting his focus to the task at hand.



I. Highest Quality Care

II. Short Wait Times

III. After Hours Access


Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder or Pain Pill Problems

Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder or Pain Pill Problems

Opioid use is a common finding in the world today. It can be as simple as someone stealing Grandma’s pain pills to use at a party to get high or as insidious as someone being treated for shoulder surgery that begins using the painkillers, not to treat the shoulder...

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The Prostate: Do You Have Cancer?

The Prostate: Do You Have Cancer?

Worrying about how the prostate is doing does not always sit at the head of the table compared to other health worries that men have. Many men, as they get older, have other health worries that are more visible in their education and familiarity. However, it is very...

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Hypertension In Men: Part 2

Hypertension In Men: Part 2

Last week, I discussed the definition of hypertension; what the numbers are and what the readings should be; ‘white coat’ hypertension; and blood pressure readings in office and home. Let’s look more closely at why men develop this prevalent killer and what to do...

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